The Winds Of The World (song #3)


Here is the next song! We hope you will continue to tell us what you think. As usual, the lyrics are printed just below the video. Also, if you scroll down below the lyrics, we have a little “Fun In The Studio” bonus.

The Winds of The World


Jesus is with me when the storm clouds gather

He’s standing by my side when I hear the thunder roll

He holds my hand when I begin to tremble

When the winds of this world are blowing strong


Jesus is a fence around His children

His grace is sufficient to stand the storm

His word is a promise we can stand on

When the winds of this world are blowing strong


Satan is moving to and fro throughout the land

Seeking out who he may devour

But he was defeated at Golgotha

That day when Jesus made him out a liar


Satan is always sneaking around the gate

Trying to lead a sheep astray

But He that is in us is so much greater than him

So then rebuke him and chase him away


If you are caught up in the winds of the world

With no joy in your life at all

Just give your heart to Jesus

He’ll always understand and He will never never let you fall

Studio recording is hard intense work but we have fun, too. One of our studio musicians, Jeremy Medkiff, sometimes goes “in character” and becomes Brother Marion. Here is one of his episodes:

33 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Mears says:

    The winds of the world has good honest lyrics to it that have been proven true through the ages. If the music part was a little lower I could hear Lauren’s voice better and that would make the words clearer to me anyhow. GOOD song choice.

    In my prayers

  2. Pamela Cook says:

    The Wind’s of the World is a great song. Of course we love all of your Song’s.

    John and Pam Cook

  3. Jeffrey Weeks says:

    I like that upbeat jazzy music that is combined with the lyrics of The Winds of The World. They mesh together well. This song is a good choice. I hope the Lord continues to bless you all in ministry and song.

    Your Friend In Christ,


  4. Kasey says:

    I think all of your three songs are wornderful, but to me this one song has a message unlike any other song that I have heard before. Maby it is because I have had some big storms in my life when I heard the
    I began to think what if I had heard that song during some of the storms that I have gone through, maby I would have handled them differently, looked at the in a different way, and then again I might would have done the exact same thing. I am seventeen
    and kids my age look at me like I am from another planet or something because I listen to southern gospel music, I look them in the eye and say it is my choice to listen to southern gospel music and yours not too. At my age I have to hear something daily that I know is true and southern gospel music gives me that. If your music only ever touches a few people me as well as my family. Continue doing what God has chosen for your life, it has touched me
    more than you will ever know. I love the new it could not be any tried, but then again ya’ll are The Talley Trio, just when I think you can’t get any
    ya’ll amaze me.

    • Sam Kerfoot says:

      Hey Kasey, I wouldn’t worry too much about whether or not the other kids like you listening to Southern Gospel. God made everyone to be a unique individual with different tastes, styles, likes and dislikes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you liking Southern Gospel. There’s a lot more younger people out there that like Southern Gospel than what you might think. There’s a lot of exceptional younger up and coming artists that are really good like Lauren as well as so many others that are helping to draw in a younger generation and show them that Southern
      Gospel is not just for old people (I’m not calling you old Roger and Debra! You’re both pretty cool in my book.) Just be who God made you to be Kasey and let God define who you are, not the culture and you’ll be alright. Have a great day Kasey. Keep your chin up!

  5. The lighting is much better on this one.

    I think my favorite song so far is the first one. But this one will be a lot of fun, too.

  6. .\att says:

    I really enjoyed this great old song. I think it would make a great addition to the CD along with the first song you posted. Thanks for the opportunity to hear them!

  7. Kathryn says:

    WOW! I REALLY liked this one. But then, I always seem to go for the more “upbeat” ones for some reason. I love the music and tempo on this one. Oh – and let’s see more of “Bro. Marion”, too – LOL

    Nice to know y’all have fun even though we know there is a LOT of hard work that goes into this.

    Love ya!

    • Mark Behrens says:

      I really loved the “upbeatness” of this song. I play the bass and I was trying to hum a rthymn in my head. This song would be a lot of fun to play! Great choice Lauren!

  8. Robin Garrett says:

    I love this song. I think it is just awesome. I have listened to everyone so far and I think this is now my favorite. Lauren sings this song so beautifully and I think it is awesome. Keep on singing these types of songs. I think the Talley Trio is awesome.

  9. Mary Campbell says:

    Great song! I still like Realms of Glory Bright best of all .

    You all are as real as they come and sometimes crazy like the rest of us.You show the genuine love of the Father and laughter we forget.

    Jeremy is the best dose of medicine!

  10. Sarah Chapman says:

    Awesome song! I was a big fan of this song when Charles Johnson sang it. It sounds like something Lauren can sing! You go girl!!!


  11. Stephanie says:

    This was the best shot video for what is actually going on in the studio. Its fun to see the magic happen. Keep up the great work. Sounds like the new album will be great like always….Oh and LOL!!! for Bro Marion too….KEEP HAVING FUN DOING THE LORD’S WORK!!!

  12. Aaron Swain says:

    Like many of the others on here, I like upbeat songs, and this one is no exception. Great message in the lyrics, combined with a great sound. This one would demand several encores at a concert!

  13. Heather says:

    Can here the vocals much better on this one and the lighting is much better too. Song is awesome! When do we get to hear the three of you singing?

  14. roger talley says:

    There are a few songs that we knew enough to all sing at the session. Maybe we can get one of those up next. We will be recording the keeper vocals in a few days and we’ll try to post some of those as well. If you subscribe, you’ll get a notice when those are posted. BTW, this is one of my favorites as well. The fast songs are the hardest to find. Most writers tend to send us slow ballads!

  15. Elaine Harcourt says:

    The lighting & sound are MUCH better on this one. Lauren, you did an awesome job on that song, much better than Charles Johnson. You go, girl.

  16. Roberta Morgan says:

    I believe that this song is a keeper along with the first two. Lauren you do a great job, as usual.
    I am always blest by the Talley Trio. God bless all of you.

  17. Stephen Widener says:

    Great song, great beat. Right up your alley Lauren.

  18. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Hey Debra, I have a question that’s not related to music, which is kind of odd amidst all the posts pertaining to the songs. I saw the trio this past New Years Eve in East Earl PA and I when I spoke to you at the product table I remember you mentioned that you liked Williams Sonoma cutting boards. Are you still collecting them? The reason I ask is I’m making some in the shop in between things. I need to make some for personal use, but I’m also turning some nice Walnut end grain boards out very soon. I’ll probably finish them this week. I was just curious if you might be interested? I can send you some pics if you like when I finish them and you can let me know. Take care!

    Sam Kerfoot

    • Sam Kerfoot says:

      Hey Debra, Just a quick note. Just to clarify things, I’m not trying to sell you those boards, I just wanted to know if you would like any. I heard that you were into the culinary thing. I know most foodies are always looking for new things to add to their arsenal of kitchen gadgets. Take care!

  19. WendyJoy says:

    I love this song!! The upbeat tempo and Lauren’s soaring vocals make this song a keeper!! You should release this one as your next single/radio song!

    The message is great and gets to the heart…the beat makes my toes tap…..I nearly cried in parts (that meaningful, not that bad!)…and at the end of hearing it, I felt lighter in my spirit.

    Thank you for including your fans in this process. I’m praying for you all.

    Remembering that God is STILL God,

  20. Ed Dunlap says:

    Oh yeh Get your hanky ready to wave folks we gonna have church! I’m lovin’ this one. I know these are rough
    cuts we’re getting to hear so I know on the finished
    project this one is gonna be spot lighting some B3
    (Hammond that is). Right?

  21. Dawn says:

    I really like this song. It is not just music, but it ministers to me. The annointing of God is truly on your music.

    Thanks for allowing your fans to have input.

  22. roger crews says:

    it WAS A VERY GOOD VERSION WITH YOUR OWN TOUCH AND STYLE AS YOU ONLY CAN SANG. this will be a very good crowd pleaser to everyone one that hears it. Its for a 10 on the rating scale, a very good selection by you all.

  23. Jim Wiltshire says:

    Oh, yeah!! This is one for the Missions. I have a regular monthly music ministry at two of the Detroit Rescue Mission services, and that would be a song to take to those folks.

    Love it!

  24. Heather Chapple says:

    This ones my favorite so far. I like the upbeat ones. =)
    See you Saturday…eventually!

  25. Sharon Kaddatz says:

    And aren’t we glad He is with us during the storms? Great upbeat song! No matter what you all do – slow songs, fast songs – they are all dynamite! Thanks for all the hard work you do in selecting the songs and giving them that special Talley touch so we are blessed with that Southern gospel music that we all love so much. Singing praises to our Lord. God bless you.

  26. Jonathan Widener says:

    Glad to see you bring this song back. I love you guys, you’ve always been ahead of your time musically, but how about a throwback on this one: how about a little hammond organ or something?

  27. Kim says:

    Bring on the Hammond organs! One of my favorite Talley songs is “Testify” and it is clear that you’all used some serious organ in that. This song is sure to lift some spirts. I love the way Charles Johnson sings it as well, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy this version just as much. Can’t wait to hear more!

  28. Tyrell Frazier says:

    I am a big fan of Charles Johnson songs and have been looking for this song for awhile to sing in my church. Thank you so much for keeping the style the same. Very powerful and annointing singing and lyrics. Wonderful! Hope to hear back from you all. Thank you so much and may God Bless you and annoint your singing to reach out to others like you have me. Thank you once again. Keep on working for the Lord.

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