My Hope Is In The Lord (song #6)


Here is the next song! We hope you like it and will tell us what you think.


Verse 1
They heard God say, have you considered my servant Job
He’s one who’s faithful in all that he knows
Job lost his family, his land and all his wealth
When he wouldn’t curse God, Job lost his health
Job’s cries could be heard from the ashes where he lay
Through the pain and sorrow Job had to say

My hope is in the Lord
I will trust in Him, and Him alone
Though death knocks at my door
My hope is in the Lord

Verse 2
He sat in the chair as the doctor broke the news
It could be a week, a month or maybe two
The cancer has spread, death will find its way
There’s nothing we can do, there’s nothing I can say
Then the young man raised his trembling hands
As his eyes filled with tears
And you could hear him softly say, through the pain and the fear


Though fear surrounds me and it seems there is no hope
There’s one thing I’m sure of
There’s one thing that I know


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  1. Jeffrey Mears says:

    good choice. There are no truer words than what is said in those 6 words


  2. Kasey says:

    I am seventeen years old and this song spoke to me because I have gone through alot of things in my seventeen years, and I think if I had heard this song going through some of those things, I think I might have looked at things a little differently. Those are some of the truest words that I have heard in a long time. I think at times we all forget that our hope is in the Lord and to trust Him at all times not just the good times but the bad times as well. I think this is going to be one of the best songs ya’ll have ever recorded. Thank you for recording this song. I needed to hear this song, and to hear ya’ll sing it ment even more because ya’ll are my favorite group. God Bless Ya’ll. Again thank you for this song it ment so much to me.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Wow! I’m going to have to ask my daughter-in-law to listen to this one. It sounds to me like her dad’s story. I really liked it because it touches home for us.

  4. Peggy says:

    My hope is in the LORD. This song is so special.This year on Fathers day I almost lost my husband . When the code blue echoed in the hallway,All I could do was to ask for help. My hope was in the lord and he answered my prayers. He is home today talking about Gatlinburg gathering ,Says that he wants to meet Lauren .God bless you for this song. Pray for us. Thanks

  5. angela mobley says:

    I love the lyrics to this song, I hope I get blessed to get this album, when it comes out in the fall.

  6. Gene Welsh says:

    wow at my age now my hope is in the lord too i am doing okay so far but i know someday no truer words will ever be spoken. Very good for you to sing keep singing the lords praises.

  7. Kenneth says:

    Great song. Are yor taking preorders yet?

  8. Mark Behrens says:

    Hello! I really liked this song! Don’t change a thing, I really like the way that you sang the song Roger!

  9. Heather says:

    Keep it!

  10. I like this song, can’t wait to hear it with all three of you in harmony. It would be nice if you posted the writers of these songs along with the lyrics.

  11. Rachel Overton says:

    Wow. I listened to this song in tears. I had just navigated here from another blogsite I visit every day. There is a lady in Florida–a writer, Kristi Dykes–who is living this song. In November, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her journey since then has been shared online, and it is touching people just as much as this song–and this entire CD–will eventually do.

    I would ask that you pray for Kristi and her family–Milton, Jennifer, and Julie. For the clearest picture I have ever seen of true faith in action, visit their blog at

    You will come away changed. God bless you as you continue your work.

  12. Aud says:

    Good job Roger, keep it. Strong message we know it`s true.

  13. TJ says:

    This will become a website I visit to remind myself of where our true hope is…thanks for posting such awesome reminders of our faith!

  14. Kathryn says:

    I LOVE the words to this song because they are sooooo true. Through anything and everything MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD – I mean, really – what else can you say? To me, this is one very powerful song and will DEFINITELY touch a LOT of lives and, I believe, change them for the better.

    Time to pack up the ‘puter now – heading out to Nashville, TN today to be ready for the SHSOM week :)

  15. roger talley says:

    This song was written by Travis Oaks. He is a firefighter from Pensacola, FL. God uses people from all walks of life to spread His message, not just professional songwriters.

  16. Elaine Harcourt says:

    What a great song! I love it!

  17. Karen Ghormley says:

    This is a beautiful song. I hope you will keep the music simple and let the song speak for itself with the lyrics and beautiful harmony that ya’ll have, rather than having so much orchestration.

  18. Jeffrey Weeks says:

    This is a great song choice. It is a great ministering song that will touch a lot of hearts and gives instruction to trust in the Lord. May God continue to bless you in His ministry.

  19. Ed Dunlap says:

    Good song…..ALWAYS enjoying hearing your vocal talent Roger! You’re so stinking talented (singing, Piano producer, etc, etc, etc)I’d be jelous but I think it’s a sin. (LOL!) Your impromtu presentation on the last line of verse one is really moving! LOL – You guys are doing a great job & I’m enjoying the postings & this site process

  20. Jim Wiltshire says:

    Amen to that message! That song is a definite keeper.

    Amen also to the idea that it will be even better with some of those great Talley harmonies at least on that wonderful chorus.

    It is also helpful to know the author (as someone already requested).

  21. RJ Henderson says:

    This is such a good song. My grandmother passed away with cancer this past Christmas Day. I put my hope in the Lord, and I knew He knew what was best for her and for the family. She recieved Christ just about 12 hours before she passed away. I put my Trust in Him and I know that she is in Heaven and my heart feels so much lighter knowing where she is. And now she doesn’t even have to hurt anymore. Thanx for posting this song. AWESOME Roger.

  22. Hey Roger, you definetly do this song justice. Thank you for including it on this project, it really means a lot. You know what’s funny is, it hasn’t been released yet and it is already blessing people…truly a great song..see you in Louisville…God bless

  23. Tammy Kirkland says:

    Hi Roger,
    I am so pleased you included this song on your new CD. I can only imagine the people who will be touched by the message of this song. You sang it beautifully… can’t wait to hear the completed project. Your friend Tammy in Panama City Florida.

  24. Whitney says:

    I was really touched by this song. I have been trying to find the music online so I could sing this with a small group from my church at our church camp. I think that this song should be spread to all that are able to hear it. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a copy of the music. Please email me at if you have any ideas.

  25. Indiana Brigid says:

    Great song, I am wondering when this song, came out. It so super!! If anyone writes back, I’d like to know when it came out.

    • Roger Talley says:

      Hi Indiana,

      I’m sorry that this reply is so late. Sometimes we don’t check the older posts for awhile and this one slipped through the cracks! This song is on the Life Goes On project which was released in October 2007. It is available from our website The single is available as a download from Thanks for your support.

      Roger Talley

  26. nagoya says:

    Now I am going through hardships, trying to put my trust in Christ. I’m not be able to see Him in the darkness because of my immature nature. Here in Japan, Christian population is only 1% and most poeple have lost sight of something truly precious.
    I love this beautiful song….Thank you for your posting &God’s guidance &His amazing love

  27. Ron seckinger says:

    I seen you @ Lake Gibson Chuch last Saturday the 4th of December, 2010. Would like to know where I can get the sheet music for “My hope is in the Lord”
    My wife and I love that song.

    Thank You,

    Ron Seckinger

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