What Are Your Favorite Gospel Classics?


You’ve already had an inside look at just how intricate and sometimes difficult recording an album can be, but there’s one part of the process that you haven’t gotten to be part of yet. Without a doubt, choosing the songs is the hardest part of any recording.

We are working on a recording of gospel favorites and we need your help! This project will include classic gospel songs, hymns and even a few a cappella tunes done “Talley” style.

We’ll be asking for your suggestions on several different aspects of the recording in the next few weeks, so let’s try our best to stick to the topic as specifically as possible.

Right now we want to know: What are your favorite CLASSIC gospel songs?

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  1. Sam Kerfoot says:

    That’s kind of funny that this came up Lauren. I was thinking about that a while back and I was wondering why you guys had never really done an all Hymns or Classics album. I know you did the Talley Trio Anthology, which was sort of like a hymns album, but not all traditional stuff. I know a lot of the other groups have been doing albums devoted just to hymns. There’s so many classic traditional hymns and songs it’s hard to really narrow them down. Myself personally if I had to pick my favorate hymns I would have to pick “How great thou art” and “It is well with my soul”. “How great thou art” is one of those songs that no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who’s singing it, it just stirs something in you. Or at least it really hits me between the eyes anyway. I think that was pretty specific. I don’t follow basketball, so you don’t have to worry about me getting off on that subject. :)

  2. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Hey guys, I know I just got off here, but I was just ready to walk out and I got a quick brain blurt. I don’t know if you planned on having just the trio on the album or if you were going to have any guest vocals on there. If you were going to have any guests on the new album maybe you could have Ivan Parker do a guest spot on one of the tracks. He did a traditional album a number of years ago that was outstanding. Actually I think it was one that Roger produced. Maybe you could have the Booth Brothers do a guest spot as well. Something to ponder.

  3. My favorite hymn is “It is Well With My Soul.” I’d love to hear a Talley Trio rendition of the song.

    Some of my favorite SG classics:
    We Shall See Jesus, which was enough Glen Payne’s song that nobody has done it since, but I wouldn’t mind seeing someone do it, and your sound is different enough that just maybe it would work
    Calvary Answers for Me (Perrys/Signature Sound)
    The Holy Hills of Heaven
    Sinner Saved By Grace
    Let Freedom Ring

  4. Melissa Collison says:

    Hey this is Melissa collison im glad to be tiping you you have the best voice in the world! im singing with my Dad and sister i am Ten and we sing some of your songs

  5. Melissa Collison says:

    and i like closet religon orphans of God and life goes on

  6. Elaine Harcourt says:

    Oh, What A Savior!
    The Lighthouse
    Blessed Assurance
    Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand
    I’ll Meet You In The Morning
    Who Am I?

    I’d better stop or I’ll have them all named. LOL

  7. Casey says:

    Two of my favorite classic gospel songs are “Can He, Could He, Would He” and “Then Came the Morning.” My favorite hymn is “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.”

  8. Jess says:

    Thanks for seeking the input of your fans.

    Just A Closer Walk With Thee with Debra singing lead
    Do Lord
    There Will Be Peace In The Valley
    It Is Well With My Soul
    There Is Power In The Blood

  9. Janice says:

    I would have to say my favorite classic hymn is God Leads us Along. This is CD I’m really looking forward to!

  10. Rebecca says:

    I just commented recently about how much I enjoyed hearing some of the old hymns on a local radio station. That day my favorites were:
    At Calvary
    Fill My Cup Lord
    How Great Thou Art

    May the Lord bless and get the glory.

  11. Laurie W says:

    I see folks posting hymns…are we looking for hymns or gospel songs. To me, they’re different and I’ll need to do another list. Gospel song faves include:

    Greater Is He That Is Is Me
    What A Precious Friend
    I’m Bound For That City
    He Will Provide (yes, Debra, I’m sneaking it in here!)
    Let’s Just Praise the Lord
    The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
    I’ve Been To Calvary
    Teach Me Lord To Wait

  12. Mark says:

    Sounds like a great project. No one can beat you guys on songs you have done like “How Long Has It Been?” “No One Ever Cared So Much”, etc.
    My choices – please don’t do them a cappella if you do any – I hate a cappella!” :-)

    Ten Thousand Years
    Consider The Lillies
    And Can It Be
    Joy Comes In the Morning (Gaither)
    Give Them All To Jesus
    I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before

  13. Alyssa says:

    I want to second the votes for “We Shall See Jesus” and “Oh What a Savior.” Those are awesome songs! As for a hymn, what about “Ten Thousand Angels”? There is also a portion of a song I think is a hymn on CS&K’s Who I Am recording. I’m referring to the first portion of the “Redeemer Medley” I love that song and wish I could hear it all the way through!

  14. Keena says:

    Still love it when you sing Amazing Grace, Deb!!!

  15. Jeff says:

    I Know Who Holds Tomorrow — Count Your Blessings — Blessed Be The Name — Each Step I Take — He Leadest Me — How Firm A Foundation — I’d Rather Have Jesus — Leaning On The Everlasting Arms — Near The Cross — Near To The Heart Of God — Softly And Tenderly — There Will Be Showers Of Blessings — To God Be The Glory — Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus — Until Then — Victory In Jesus — Whispering Hope — Wonderful Words Of Life — Love Lifted Me —Standing On The Promises

    Thank You

  16. JC Wilhoit says:

    Wow, I had forgotten some of these songs.

    The Lighthouse
    Who as I
    Fill my cup Lord
    It’s different now
    I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
    Jesus use me

    Actually, any song you sing will be a hit. But I don’t have to tell you that.
    God Bless,
    J. Wilhoite

  17. Meagan Williams says:

    When you say Gospel classics, I’m assuming you mean songs that have become beloved in the genre, not just hymns. So when I think of this, I think of songs like:

    I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary

    Because He Lives

    Oh What a Savior

    Midnight Cry

    Through it All

    Goodbye, World, Goodbye

    The Love of God (The version that goes: “The love of God is greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell. It goes beyond the highest star…)

    Sheltered in the Arms of God

    He Looked Beyond My Fault (And Saw My Need)

    Although I will say, I’d love to hear you guys do the classic hymn, Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

    Thanks, as always, for letting us have input!

  18. Rebecca says:

    I meant to add one more comment about the old songs. Maybe in honor of your grandparents you could get Kirk to sing with you the Love of God.
    It’s a great song. I’ve heard him sing it before or No one ever cared so much.
    There are so many great songs listed already I don’t know how you will choose just a few.
    Again, God bless.

  19. Janet says:

    “Just a Little Talk With Jesus,” and “In the Garden” are a couple of my favoriites. Glad you plan to include some acappella songs. Y’all are great on acappella arrangements!

  20. Kim says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on these inspired songs! Here’s my list:
    “Daniel Saw the Stone”–Nice uptempo tune you’ve been looking for. So much FUN! :)
    “My God is Real”
    “Sing Like David Sang”
    “Down From His Glory”–I need a tissue already!
    “How Much More”—Happy Goodman favorite
    “Promises”— A classic Dottie Rambo song that you don’t hear that often…but has such incredible lyrics and melody.

  21. Lauren Talley says:

    Ok I see some have asked for particular criteria on what we’re asking for. To be specific: we’d like to know what your favorite southern gospel or contemporary classic songs are. We’ll do hymns later on 😉

    If it’s in the hymnal, just sit tight on it and we’ll come back to it!

  22. Cindi Shroyer says:

    “Great is Thy Faithfulness” is so wonderful!

  23. Joyce Buster says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to have an input in the songs that you all choose to record.
    I like the old Hymns.
    Whispering Hope
    Little is Much
    Mansion Just Over the Hilltop
    Any of the songs that you all choose will be great.

  24. ROBBIN says:


  25. Peggy says:


  26. Darlene says:

    Hi, Here are some of my favorites:

    I Surrender All
    Just a Closer Walk with Thee
    I’ll Flay Away
    Soon and Very Soon
    Softly and Tenderly
    It Is Well with My Soul
    In the Garden
    Standing on the Promises
    Rock of Ages
    Amazing Grace
    Are You Washed in the Blood?
    The Old Rugged Cross
    Where You There?
    My Tribute

    Thanks for asking!!!

  27. Hello: Here are some of my favorites that bless me.
    I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
    Count Your Blessings
    There Will Be Showers Of Blessiongs
    Victory In Jesus
    Until Then
    Just A Closer Wal With Thee
    His Hand In Mine
    Thank You so much for showering the world with
    blessings. God bless and be with the Talley Trio.

  28. There are so many wonderful old songs, it’s hard to pick just a few. I grew singing songs like “Through it all” “I never been this home sick before” “He set me free.” There are so many, I couldn’t never name them all.

  29. Naomi says:

    Known Only to Him by Stuart Hamblen
    This Book by Stuart Hamblen
    A Child of The King (My Father is rich in houses and lands)
    Only Trust Him by J.H.Stockton
    Nothing but the blood by Robert Lowry
    Tell it to Jesus
    What a friend we have in Jesus
    One of the reasons that I have listened to the Talleys down over the years, is because you have picked songs that minister to our needs and our hearts with scriptural truths. We REALLY NEED that in our world today!! I love your voices and harmonies..but most of all..I love Gods Voice spoken through you.

    • Debra Talley says:

      Thanks Naomi that’s one of the best compliments we have ever received. We always spend much time, thought and prayer on song choices. We pray that the Lord will use each one in someone’s life.

  30. Rachel Overton says:

    Stranger of Galilee
    Master the Tempest Is Raging
    What a Friend We Have in Jesus
    How Great Thou Art

  31. Rebecca says:

    Let’s keep praying for each other
    Remind me dear Lord
    The gates of Hell shall not prevail

  32. GLENDA says:

    My favorite gospel classic is “Mansion Over the Hilltop”. When I was a child, my Mother sang alto in a mixed quartet. They recorded and sang this song. It became very dear to my heart as I got older.

    Glenda Grant-Jefferson, TX

  33. Regena says:

    When I was just a kid I bought the sheet music to Stuart Hamblen’s “How Big is God.” I came across it a few days ago and wondered why I had not heard this from anyone in years. The words and music to this song is great. Also Dony McGuire sang “Its my desire,” and Move me with Compassion for the lost, Lanny Wolfe. Great songs!

  34. Lauren Talley says:

    Just a reminder to everyone- we’re talking about southern gospel or contemporary Christian classics here (original songs introduced to the genre by artists) not hymns. Thanks!

  35. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Sorry Lauren, I misunderstood. I thought you were looking for all hymns. Wow! If you go that route it REALLY is hard to narrow it down. One of my all time favorite all time albums is Gaither Vocal Band’s Southern Classics Vol.1. I absolutely love “I Bowed On My Knees” and “Give Up”. An old traditional song I always loved was “Look For Me at Jesus Feet”, particularly in the early Kingsmen years back when Gary Sheppard used to sing it. “When He Was On The Cross”, “Midnight Cry”, “Tears Are A Language” are some others. I always loved to hear Russ Taff sing “Praise The Lord” when he was with the Imperials. It’s not related to the current upcoming album, but I would like to hear you sing “That’s Just The Way The Father Is” at a concert sometime Lauren. It’s more contemporary so I know it might not work well at certain venues, but that really is a great song. You ought to give it a whirl at a few concerts if you haven’t already. Ok, I’ll give someone else a chance to talk now! :)

  36. louise thompson says:

    held: by natalie grant
    live for today
    in christ alone
    what sin
    marks of the mission
    God and God alone
    the reason we sing
    cross of christ
    goodbye to me (roger)
    mercy said No
    when Gods people pray
    and my fav: till the storm passes by

  37. Grace says:

    Thank you for including your fans in your choices. Your faith means more to us than you will probably ever know, so to ask our opinion means a lot.

    I’d love to hear you sing “Your Tears Are Touching God” originally done by the Inspirations 15+ years ago. I’d also love to see you do a remake of what I believe is your (Lauren’s) best song, “Oh, What a Reason.”

  38. Jeff says:


    After thinking about this the two ” Classics” I wish you would include are ” Mansion Over The Hilltop “, and ” Does Jesus Care “. My Grandma would hum these songs while baking cakes and cookies. These two songs bring back wonderful memories, and now hope for the future. She always had cake for us to eat. :)

    Thank You

  39. Sullivan says:

    – We choose the fear of the Lord
    – Thy Word

  40. Gary Wood says:

    How many CD set? Do you have room for “about a go-zillion” tracks? Lauren, I love most evrything I’ve ever heard Debra or you sing. I think my personal favorite is “Thinkin’ About Home”. I’m sure anything, y’all choose will be great! As far as hymns, I think my personal favorite would have to be “I’ll Meet You In The Morning” or “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before”. But, then, there are SOOOO many, it would really be tough to choose! Keep up the GREAT work, Kiddo! You are one amazing talent.

  41. Tim Robinson says:

    I love the old hymn, Glad Reunion Day. I am so excited about the day that this will take place!

  42. allie says:

    Oh, What A Savior
    &+ The Old Rugged Cross =]

    both of them mean alot too me and are both classics
    and i think you guys would make these sound even more beautiful than they already are =]

  43. Don Kunz says:

    Well when I first read your letter above I thought yeah I can submit a few favorites but after reading through everybody else’s sugestions I have figured out, I don’t have any favorites. I love them all. I think what we need to think about is — can you do it with just one CD. I don’t think so. Anything ya all do will be great. Don

  44. Rebecca says:

    Have you ever sung “One More Mile” I think that’s the name of it. you’ve got one more valley one more hill one more curve in lifes road maybe one more mile to go you can lay down your heavy load when you get home… something like that. Seems like Bob Cain sang it on a Gaither video years ago. Just another thought. :o)

  45. I love these songs….(I can’t remember the exact names on some…so bare with me!!!)

    Lord it’s just Another hill
    Just hold on a little longer, help is on the way
    God on the Mountain
    I want us to be together in heaven
    He Knows How…Old Perrys song
    Treasures unseen
    Be Still and Know that I am God
    Alabaster Box…not a classic but an awesome song
    When I get to Glory I’m gonna sing sing sing
    Hold a Clear Title….aka “the Termite song”
    I Stand Redeemed
    Keeper of the Door
    Talk it over with Him
    Child of the King
    The King is Coming
    Come Morning
    I Go the the Rock
    I Just started Living
    Put your hand in the hand
    Greater is He that is in me
    Some call it Heaven, I call it Home
    Soul filling Station
    When He was on the Cross
    Why me Lord

    Man, I could totally go on and on and on!!! Hope you get something out of this list!!! up next should be The Talley Trio’s Tribute to bluegrass…HeeHaw!!!!

  46. Rebecca says:

    That was “One More Valley” I was talking about. :o)

  47. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Are you sure you’re ready for all this Lauren?! :) I think you’re going to probably surpass the football post with all the comments that have come in already.

  48. Jeff says:

    I can understand now why you said that without a doubt choosing the songs is the hardest part of any recording. Most of us never get asked our opinion on anything, so when you come along Lauren and ask for our input we are just trying to help you, we really are. :)

    Thank You, you make us feel important and a part of your ministry ! That’s nice of you !

  49. Jess says:

    “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” by Newsong is great.

  50. Peg Younce-Sowersby says:

    Wow!! You guys will have oodles to choose from with the previous lists. I would like to add 2 more options that I like, Canaan Land is Just in Sight and Feeling at Home in the Presence of Jesus.

  51. Naomi says:

    It seems like we don’t know what we are shooting at, so we are kind of firing into the air. Maybe you could give us a few examples of what YOU consider to be “classic gospel songs”. I am more confused than I was when I started on this. I think what we are needing to know is something a little more narrow in scope. Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is just me…

  52. RJ Henderson says:

    Well……… “Amazing Grace”, “Victory in Jesus” and “The Old Rugged Cross”

  53. tad kirkland says:

    He Looked Beyond My Faults
    The Reason We Sing
    Praise The Lord
    Who Am I (Casting Crowns or Goodmans–potential medley)
    Adonai (maybe medley with El Shaddai?)
    I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel
    Because He Lives
    My Father’s Eyes

    But you’ll need some upbeat songs too–any # of SG tunes like “Jesus Is Coming Soon,” but potentially some Andrae Crouch like “Soon And Very Soon” or maybe some early Sandi Patty like “How Majestic Is Your Name.”

  54. Derrick Casteel says:

    My absolute favorite song out of the “Church Hymnal” is I’m Living In Canaan Now. I know everyone has sang or recorded it but I love it…of course I love almost ALL the songs in it. I think you all would sound AWESOME doing “When I Knelt The Blood Fell”…just a thought.

  55. Andrew S. says:

    My suggestions for a “Favorites/Classics” cd are:
    1. Joy in the Camp (Gaither tune)
    2. Going on with Jesus (Charles Johnson song from late 80s early 90s)
    3. I Am Not Ashamed (Janet Paschal tune)
    4. We Shall Behold Him
    5. His Strength Is Perfect
    6. Soon and Very Soon
    7. You Raise Me Up
    8. Sweet Song of Salvation [a cappella]
    9. I Will Follow Christ (Clay Crosse/Bob Carlisle/Bebe Winans)
    10. I Surrender All (Clay Crosse)
    11. Above All

    Looking forward to the sound of this new one! =)

  56. Marita N Giske says:

    Hi every body.
    Its so many songs i love.

    Ive never been so home sick befor
    His life for mine
    Look for me for I will be there too
    Look for my at Jesus feet
    Im just a sinner save by grace
    It is finish
    Blessed assurance Jesus is mine
    Prais his name..

    Difficult to pick out songs i think, so many good songs from you ” Gaithers”

    I whis you good look whit the new cd,I shall order it when its finish…

    Love from Marita and Karl Johan in Norway

  57. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Hey Lauren, I thought of a few more to add to the list. I can see that a large number of suggestions that have been made were Southern Gospel, but I know you were looking for some more contemporary songs as well. One song that really stood out to me was a Dennis Jernigan song “You Are My All In All”. I know he has done it solo and also he and Natalie Grant did a cut of it together as well. I think you guys would sound great doing that song. A couple others that came to mind were “People Need The Lord”/Babbie Mason and “Rise Again”/Dallas Holm. I could really hear Debra doing “People Need The Lord”. Anyhow hope all the suggestions everybody has dropped are giving you some good ideas.

  58. Dennis says:

    How about Beulah Land, When I knelt the blood fell,and Ten thousand angels cried.

  59. Allen Bau says:

    There are so many great songs. It’s hard to name them all. Here are eight of my favorites. “The Old Country Church”,”Amazing Grace”,”When He Was On The Cross”,”That Old Rugged Cross”,”I’ll Fly Away”,”Hallelujah Praise The Lamb”,”How Great Thou Art”,and “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. I look forward to seeing which ones You decide to do.

  60. Hannah says:

    I REALLY like Holy Holy Holy! IDK why, ut I have always loved that one…and Worthy of Worship!

  61. roger crews says:

    my favoriteones are:

  62. Stephen Widener says:

    Anything by the Rambos, works for me.
    Lauren, I think you should sing He’s Watching Me, that GVB did a few years ago. You’ve got enough sass to pull it off. 😉
    God Bless,

  63. Wes says:

    Be Thou My Vision…a symphonic “talley style” arrangement of it…where Roger sings verse 1, deb sings verse 2, lauren verse 3 with an ascension of keys each time and then parts on verse 4

  64. James Betts says:

    I want you to know you sang my favorite songs
    Praise The Lamb
    I Surrender All
    When do ya’ll think ya’ll be coming to Heber Springs,Ar.?
    I would like to you and your parents along with my parents
    in person.

  65. Susan Nogle-Henry says:

    Looking for a City
    Jesus Spoke to Me One Day
    Standing on the Solid Rock
    Jesus Hold My Hand
    I’d Rather have Jesus (Men strive for the wealth of this wide, wicked world.)

  66. Michael Knotts says:

    The Talley style, would fit perfectly with “A Mighty Fortress is our God” and “Oh how he loves you and me” but I personally would love to hear Lauren sing “Rough side of the Mountain”

  67. DON SHENK says:

    IN 1993)

    • Lauren Talley says:

      Hi Don,

      Welcome to the Tree- I believe Kris Kristofferson was the writer of “Why Me Lord.” Thanks for the suggestions!

  68. Marcy Kelsey Beckett says:

    Deb – I looked at quite a few of songs listed and a very large percent looks like they are older songs with the old Southern Gospel sound. Does that tell you all anything??? I would love to her you sing again, ‘Touch me one more time’ You did a fantastic job on that song with The Song Masters and would love for you to get it in your list of songs. Keep up the good work. Love you, girl, and are proud of you for your many years in your music ministry. My, how God has blessed you and your family. In your later years, you will even value it more with your memories of the good times.

    • Lauren Talley says:

      Well hello! Didn’t know you were here :)

      To everyone else: this sweet lady is the voice you hear on our “Stages” recording singing “Too Much To Gain To Lose.” Isn’t she awesome?!

    • Debra Talley says:

      Hey Marcy,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t thought of that one in a long time. In case any of you out there are reading this and don’t know who Marcy is.
      She and her late husband, Joel Kelsey, were the ones that got me started in gospel music. I sang with the Song Masters Qt. for 4 1/2 years in the early ’70’s. Yes, I’ve been around for a long time:) thanks to this lady and her influence on my life. Thanks Marcy. I love you. Deb

    • Grace says:

      I just found this song last night on YouTube and listened to it. It reminded me of a group our family listened to when I was a little girl, so I searched for your name on YouTube and realized I had grown up listening to you and that’s why you sounded so familiar to me. Thank you, Talleys, for having her sing, especially THAT song, because it couldn’t have come to me in a more “due season” than now!

  69. Stephanie says:

    My favorites that I feel suit you guys are:

    I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy
    Wait’ll You See My Brand New Home
    He Looked Beyond My Faults
    Through It All
    Sheltered In The Arms of God
    No Other Word For Grace But Amazing
    Up tempo classic?:
    Do It By the Book (Gold City)

    There’s not a song that you DON’T sound great on, so good luck picking your favorites!

  70. RJ Henderson says:

    Ok, I think I put hymns instead of classics…….Probably “He Touched Me” and “Child of the King”

  71. Sharon Kaddatz says:

    I Saw the Light
    God of Wonders
    Amazing Love
    People Need the Lord
    I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
    I’ll Fly Away
    I Can Only Imagine
    Glory to His Name
    Power in the Blood
    Lord, Hold My Hand
    Who Am I
    El Shaddai
    Awesome God
    You Are My All in All
    I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
    Every Move I Make
    I Believe
    This World Is Not My Home
    He Touched Me
    Keep On the Sunnyside

  72. Jess says:

    what about one of the pariodies done by Apologetix? Kind of a Weird Al contemporary Christian group.


  73. Jess says:

    What about something from Apologetix, which is a Christian Weird Al Yankovich type group.


  74. Jessica says:

    I think you guys should do something like farther along. I think that would be cool. my favorite hymn is send the light that would be cool if you guys could do something with that one too.

    love and prayers!


    • Jessica says:

      I just went back and read Laurens post that you weren’t looking for hymns…oops sorry!

      here are a few of my favorite southern gospel songs:

      God on the Mountain
      I’ve come too far
      I’m just a sinner saved by grace

      and all of your songs.

  75. Joan says:


    My name is Joan, I live in Belfast N. Ireland. Just want you all to know what a blessing you have been to us. We would love you all to come over again. I am assisting our church with the Hopper Concert in June here in Belfast. How good it would be to have you over some time.

    God bless you all in your wonderful ministry


  76. Jennifer Warren says:

    Hey, Lauren. As for hymn selection, I think you would sound fantastic on, “I’d Rather Have Jesus” or “Just a Little While”. I’ll try to think of more – my brain works in “snippets” – ha

  77. Andrew S. says:

    I know I’ve already posted my suggestions for possible songs; but I saw a video of y’all back in December singing somewhere in Ohio or Indiana at a Christmas concert. I love the way y’all did “That Little Baby.” Please do a studio recording of that arrangement! =)

  78. Classic Gospel Selection says:

    Champion of Love
    I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ for my Journey Now
    Sail On (Imperials)
    Not the Half Has Been Told

  79. Sanita Padilla says:

    hey I’m new so I just left a reply because I want to get to know The Talley Trio, especially Lauren Talley.

  80. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Hey Guys I thought of a couple more songs you can ponder and maybe add to your list of many to look over and consider. I was driving to work early last Saturday and heard two back to back on the radio that were pretty good. The one is “Cross of Love” I’m not certain exactly who the author is. I think it was the album “Savior, The Story of God’s Passion For His People” with Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, Twila Paris and Whintley Phipps. I heard a rendition last Saturday and I think it was just Steve Green and Twila Paris singing it. I can’t find much info on it. I used to have that album, but I can’t seem to find it. It came out back in the early 90’s I think. Another song was a SG song by the Cathedrals. It was called “I Thirst”. It apparently was an older song. I think I’ve heard it before but I don’t recall hearing too many times. Great traditional song. Also one other song that Steve Green did that was pretty good was “Broken And Spilled Out”. The lyrics are terrific. I dug through a mound of old cassetes that I had in the depths of my closet and found the album that had it. It turns out it was written by Gloria Gaither. I’m not too surprised. Bill and Gloria have a touch with songs. You guys probably have a pretty good list of ideas by now with all the suggestions coming in from the Tree. Take care!

  81. Rcahel Dunn says:

    In no specific order:

    In The Garden
    Just As I Am
    Love Lifted Me
    What A Day That Will Be
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus
    Til The Storm Passes By
    He Lives

    Just a few.
    God Bless Ya’ll!!

  82. Kim says:

    In Christ Alone

  83. Cheryl says:

    I saw someone post the song The Reason We Sing and that immediately brought First Call to my mind. I love the song Undivided that they did.

  84. Mark Behrens says:

    Wow! I can’t believe the list of songs that people are coming up with. I had to do a little research to figure out what songs I would suggest. There are lot of songs that have been suggested that would be great!! But here is my list for a great CD.
    Just A Closer Walk – Blues or jazz version.
    It Is Well With My Soul
    These Are They
    Heros Of The Faith
    Carved In Stone
    Champion Of Love
    It Is Finished
    I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary
    MidNight Cry
    New Wine
    We Shall See Jesus
    There Is A River
    The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
    Can He Could He Would He
    His Eye Is On The Sparrow
    We Are The Reason – All time favorite song
    Crown Him With Many Crowns – Favoirte Hymn

    • Mark Behrens says:

      I forgot one song in my list of favorites,
      Have A little Talk with Jesus. Me and a few other musicians at my church are going to play this for our Sunday night special. We plan on doing as close as possible like Bart Millard from Mercy Me does it on his Hymned album, Delta blues style.

  85. Elaine Harcourt says:

    Beulah Land
    I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
    Sheltered In The Arms
    I Can’t Even Walk
    God On The Mountain
    Caananland Is Just In Sight
    Step Into The Water

  86. Aud says:

    We would love to hear you sing
    The Anchor Holds
    and Thank You For Giving To The Lord
    Greetings from Johan and Aud. Happy Easter.

  87. orphans of God – How deep the fathers love for us – i come in the name of the lord – it is well – lord i believe in you.

  88. lauren all your songs are my favorite songs :)

  89. Kevin R. Clark says:

    There’s an old song, “When I Sing For Him,” that I would love to hear you guys belt out. I’m not sure who wrote it or who even sings it. It’s an old one, but a good one.

    I might be getting off the subject here, but I think “Wonderful, Merciful Savior” would be very worshipful with a Talley spin to it. And, Lauren should record “Enough” by Barlow Girl.

    Not that my opinion matters, but I think I made some good song requests 😉

  90. Kim says:

    His strength is perfect
    He knows my name

  91. Jeff says:

    My suggestion – The Lord’s Prayer In A Simple, Harmonizing Talley Way.

  92. Larry says:

    My two all time, absolute favorites would be “How Great Thou Art” and “Because He Lives.” Other songs I would suggest would be:

    “It is Well with my Soul”
    “(There will be) Peace in the Valley”
    “Victory in Jesus”
    “Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus”
    “Rock of Ages”
    “Revive Us Again”
    “Turn Your Radio On”

    I also love Jeff’s suggestion of “The Lord’s Prayer.” I know you guys could do that one and it would be beautiful and powerful.

    Anything you pick would be great. I’m a singer too and I love just about all the old hymns and classics.

    May God continue to bless your family and your ministry. He has blessed me through you guys. Hope to see you somewhere soon!

  93. Chris says:

    Hmm, so hard to narrow it down!

    Oh I Want To See Him
    He Set Me Free
    His Eye is on the Sparrow
    Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
    We Shall See Jesus
    Angel Band

  94. Regina says:

    So many perfect ones have already been named that are all my favorites !!! Has anyone mention “He’s coming Again” and “Lord paint my mind with Calvary’s blood” “It’s different now” “ten- thousand years” “The bride of Jesus is coming home” “Oh what a Savior” “It’s not an easy road”

  95. Wanda Legler says:

    I absolutely love you guys and your music. You are my favorite group and my favorite song is Orphans of God. Wish you would come back to East Texas.

  96. Lauren Talley says:

    Y’all are making some excellent suggestions- I had forgotten about a lot of these songs!

    • Jessica says:

      hey Lauren,

      I just thought of a few more songs.

      The crabb family- Trail of tears

      we shall wear a robe and crown

      love you guys!
      may God continue to bless!


    • Michael says:

      Hi Lauren
      I can’t stop watching “His Life for Mine”
      What an incredible song and you sing it with such passion. Great Job.

      I was reading that the hardest part of a new album is picking out the songs.

      I wasn’t sure if you ever look at songs written by other people.

      I have written a couple and one of the choruses goes;

      For He sits as King forever
      High upon the throne
      To think that He would speak to me
      and call me one of His own.

      You guys are great and you are an inspiration and an encouragement to my soul.

      Thank You.

  97. Joy says:

    That’s Him – Hoppers – Beautiful
    Champion of Love – Gerald
    He Hung The Moon – Kirk Talley
    Someday – Mckameys
    Common Garments – Great Vision
    The King is Coming – Gaither
    Through The Fire – Crabb Family
    I Saw Love – John Starnes – beautiful message
    Are You Ready – Gold City
    They Should Have Cried Holy – Greater Vision
    Mary Did You Know – Mark Lowery
    Whatever It Takes – Anthony sung it beautifully

  98. Kasey says:

    I think ya’ll should sing Amy Grant’s song “Father’s Eyes” that has been one of my favorite songs for many years. I would love to see what ya’ll could make it sound like. I also think that ya’ll could sing “That’s Him” really well.


  99. RJ Henderson says:

    Hey Talley Trio. I was looking on youtube at ya’lls videos…….you guys did the most AWESOME rendition of “Above All”. I know it’s not a “classic” but could you guys consider recording it????????

  100. Kim says:

    “I am not ashamed of the Gospel”

  101. Darla says:

    You guys are awesome. Lauren, you have a wonderful voice, keep singing for the LORD. I love your song, Searchin’.

  102. Johnnie Sue says:

    The Downing’s “Operator”, The Speer’s “Heaven’s Jubilee” or “I Never Shall Forget The Day”, Doris Akers’ “I Sure Do Love The Lord”, Hank Williams’ “House of Gold” (I think that’s it…the one Mark Lowry did fairly recently); “Sinner Saved By Grace”, “The King is Coming”, and Naomi and the Segos’ Classic “Sorry, I Never Knew You”. “I Firmly Promise You”, “What a Beautiful Day”, “When I’ve Traveled the Last Mile of the Way”, “Jesus is Coming Soon”, “I’ll Meet You on the Other Side of Jordan”, and “The Sun’s Coming Up” are also songs I think of as “Classic” southern gospel. An arrangement of the Kingsmen “Wish You Were Here” with “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” would be nice. And in my estimation, no “classic” southern gospel album would be complete without “What A Day That Will Be”.

  103. Lynn says:

    Be Thou My Vision
    To God Be the Glory
    Saved! Saved!
    Victory in Jesus
    Wonderful Grace of Jesus

    Maybe you would think of the kind of album that would have one CD of strictly Praise to God (Praise Him)and the other Prayers to God(Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross)…..

    Thanks for asking for our input.

  104. Valerie says:

    Some of my favorites:

    In the Garden
    What a Friend We Have in Jesus
    How Great Thou Art
    I’d Rather Have Jesus
    Something Beautiful

  105. Joseph Yong says:

    Dear Lauren,

    Greetings. I am from Kuala Lumpu, Malaysia..hope you know where it is.

    I have recently bought 30 odd tapes of Bill gaither home coming friends. whenever I am sad, disappointed or need encouragement, I always listen to the many tapes.

    I noted you have grown with the tapings..and was thrilled to listen to you being presented at the Red Rock concert recording. You look lovely and sang well.

    I admired your mom and likes her singing and the harmony of your father, mom and yourself.

    Previously I was not able to access the Bill gaither community chat site as the website was not user friendly.
    The change this year is wonderful and free.

    I am very happy we can now talk and keep track of all you lovely folks. I am glad to know the Talleys have their own website and DVDs. I will check it out later and make some purchases.

    Please send my warm greetings to your mom and dad. If you Talleys ever come to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia for holiday. You all are welcome to my home to stay as my guest. Check out the country..it is a paradise and very modern..although the majority are muslims.we have thousands of Pentecostal christians etc.

    I wonder if you are married by now. You should be in your mid twenties now eh! Anyway take care and Thank God for the Talleys.


    Joseph Yong

    • Lauren Talley says:

      Hello Joseph,

      Yes I do know where Kuala Lumpur is. :) I’ve never been there but I’m sure it’s a beautiful place. It’s hard to believe that our music has reached Malaysia!

      Since you asked, I am 26 years old- not married yet. :) (You can’t rush these things you know!) We are very glad to have you here at the Tree- we love making friends all over the world. You will see that you’re not the only poster here who isn’t in America- we have many friends here from Norway, Sweden, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and everywhere. Thanks for joining us!

      • LAURIE says:


  106. Deron R says:

    Some of my favorites:

    We Shall See Jesus – Cathedrals
    No More Night – Kelly Nelon
    Call Me Gone – Hinsons
    Build My Mansion – Rambo
    He Hasn’t Lost His Touch – Whites (Rambo)

    Mama’s Teaching Angels – Rambo (See their amazing
    Dove Awards performance from last week. Never thought I’d like this song.)

    I Will Lift You There – Sandi Patty (Rambo)
    Behold the Lamb – Rambo
    The Holy Hills of Heaven – Rambo
    More than Conquerors – Nelons
    I Think I’ll Read It Again – Gold City
    We Shall Behold Him – Rambo

    Is That Footsteps – Inspirations
    Everywhere I Go – Cathedrals
    You Can Walk on the Water – Cathedrals
    Rivers of Joy – Cathedrals
    Here Comes Jesus – Nelons

    Too many more to name…..

  107. Donna Woodard says:

    I have a question actually. I have been looking for a song track of yours called, “Hold on to the years” and I haven’t been able to get it. Could you tell me how I could get ahold of a copy. I need it for Mother’s Day as I was asked to sing and that is the song I would like to do :) It’s such a pretty and touching song.
    Thanks for all you do and God Bless you in your ministry!

    Donna Woodard

  108. Kim says:

    I think it would be awesome to hear the “Talley Trio” version of Darlene Zschech’s The Potter’s Hand.Powerful worship tune.I heard you do Shout to the Lord on Youtube…fantastic!
    Wow! So many great songs to choose from. I think you’all have a big task ahead of you. :)

  109. Jeff says:

    My suggestion ” Praise The Lord ” , wonderful, wonderful lyrics, what a message for all of us who are going through very tough times in our lives.

  110. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Hey guys! Great concerts last week. Thanks for putting up with me while I was down there :) ! It was good seeing you guys again and getting a chance to talk some. I hope you guys have had a chance to get some much needed rest. You looked like you were ready for some down time by Sunday. I don’t know if anyone else in the Tree-O was at Singing in the Sun last week, but if you did not have a chance to make it you missed some great concerts with a terrific line up of artists. If you have never been to Singing in the Sun before, you really need to go at least once to one of Abraham Production’s concerts that they promote. I GUARANTEE you won’t be disappointed if you do, especially with one of the BEST TRIOS in SG music in the line up 😉 . Abraham Productions has been outdoing themselves every year. (JUST A LITTLE PLUG)Take care Guys!

  111. Larry says:

    Lauren – How bout “Glory Road”? I have that on an old Gaither Homecoming video with your uncle Kirk singing that with Anthony Burger and Ivan Parker.

    Also any of Ray Boltz’ songs would be great too. “The Anchor Holds,” “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb,” “Thank You,” and so many others of his.

    God bless!

  112. RJ Henderson says:

    Above All
    All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
    I’m Free
    By His Wounds
    By The Way of the Cross
    You Are So Good to Me ( Third Day )
    Arise My Love
    Open the eyes of my Heart Lord

  113. Lisa Sneed says:

    Wow ! It’s hard to choose just one. I like the old and some of the contemporary ones ,too.
    Amazing Grace
    I Will Be- Michael English
    What A Day That Will Be
    Love Song – Third Day
    I’ll Fly Away
    Where the Roses Never Fade- really old- my favorite
    Blessed Assurance
    Speak to the Mountain
    What A Friend We Have in Jesus
    Standing On the Promises…………………


  114. Kelsey Chapman says:

    Hey Lauren <3 its Kelsey from N.C. hope yall r doin good do yall have any booking in NC any time soon? please wright back!

  115. Brenda says:

    Hello All,

    To answer Don Shenk on this list of songs: WITHOUT HIM – (I DON’T KNOW AUTHOR) I believe Mosie Lister wrote this song. I remember Hovie Lister sitting at the piano singing it on a Homecoming Video. This is my first post. Hey Lauren, I don’t know if you remember me, but a friend of mine and myself was at your first Smokey Mountain concert years ago in Pigeon Forge TN. We flew in from California. Sure did enjoy those 2 days. I also wish The Talleys could make it out to California sometime.

  116. Sam Kerfoot says:

    Brenda, I’m not certain myself, but I thought “Without Him” was written by Mylon Lefevre. I remember an early Homecoming video years ago which featured a video with Eva Mae and Mylon Lefevre and it seemed like he mentioned something about it. I know he sang that song on that video. I might be wrong though.

  117. louise thompson says:

    just google the song, without him. its said mylon lefevre wrote it.

  118. Mary Anne says:

    My opinion would be ” Whatever It Takes”. It is a great song, harmony wonderful on it…and you all would tear it up!! I think my opinion should count for something…:) :) I know Rog knows that’s is true.

  119. Murray says:

    Lord of All by First Call

  120. RJ Henderson says:

    Hey Lauren. I really enjoyed you guys at Singing in the Foothills. I hope you didn’t mind us singing “God is Great, good, and Merciful” :). Anyway…..I saw on your official website where you were recording “Oh What a Reason” and “The Promise”. Are those the only old Talley Trio songs you are re-recording? If not…..could you consider re-recording “I’m Gonna Make It”? I love that song. It’s one of my favorites. Thanx God Bless

  121. Robert says:

    In answer to the question about favourite old gospel songs, one that stands high on the list for me is “Jesus Loves Even Me,” by Philip Bliss. Simple, yet profound.

  122. Sharon says:

    Now, I may be a little late but my favorite songs are:

    He Laid His Hand On Me
    The Old Rugged Cross
    Till The Storm Passes Over
    Who Am I
    Would You Like To Wear A Crown
    God Walks The Dark Hills
    O What A Savior
    He’s Alive
    He Came Looking For Me
    I Can See The Lights of Home
    I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
    and my absolute favorite song is Mountain Mover(I LOVE THAT SONG!!!)


    God Bless YOu And Keep You In His Will,


  123. Sala says:

    Greetings from Auckland New Zealand. I hope you know where New Zealand is.
    Just drop by to say THANK YOU for the talleytree-o site.You may not know me but I just want to let you know that your ministry has changed me so much that I now realise what its like to REALLY know God. I can’t get enough of your songs. God Bless The Talleys. Im looking forward to see you down here in the Land of the Long White Clouds soon, if not I’ll see you in Heaven.

    By the way, Lauren you are my role model.


  124. clay naylor says:

    1 he made a change the Cathedrals
    2 shouting time the Hoppers
    3 i’ll put on a crown Tony Gore and majesty
    4 when he was on the cross Florida Boys
    5 if you knew him the Perrys
    6 miracle in me the Greene’s
    7 Angels in the room the Ruppes
    8 God on the Mountain McKamey’s
    9 oh what a reason Talley trio
    10 Midnight cry ivan parker

    but if you all do another cd could you all sing numbers 1-8 and also number 10 because with your harmony songs like these some of the artist never sing hardly anymore like the Florida boys and Tony Gore and of course the Perrys song is famous now as well as the Cathedrals and always the Hoppers and the Ruppes song angels in the room was popular and also may i add karen pecks song ten thousand angels cried

  125. Herschel Price says:

    I would like to hear you sing:

    • Herschel Price says:

      I would like to hear you sing:

      The Lighthouse

      Amazing Grace


      That I Could Still Go Free

      How Wrong You Are

      Joy Comes In The Morning

      How Wrong You Are

      I’m So Glad H Found Me

      Call Me Gone

      Sheltered In The Arms Of God

      In The Shelter Of His Arms

      Jesus Is Coming Soon

  126. Robert says:

    Whenever we ask for favourites, there always seems to be a good response. Each of us has songs that have been a blessing to us. As one who has studied our hymnody for over 40 years, I have many that I could list. But here are a few to chew on:

    It Is Well with My Soul
    Take the Name of Jesus with You
    Jesus Loves Even Me
    Be Still, My Soul
    At Even, Ere the Sun Was Set

  127. melissa collison says:

    well my favorites are probably 1.im coming home 2.he abides 3.i would love to tell you what i think of jesus 4.softly and tenderly 5. and last but not least just as i am thats what my favorites are but i think yalls harmony would sound good in softly and tenderly me and my sister and dad use that song for a alter call but we dont sing it we just play it but yall should really try that song! i also wanted to say the me and my family saw you guys at pikeville north carolina and talked to mrs.debra at your table and took a picture with you guys yall are awesome!!!!

  128. Dave Rawdon says:

    I would love to hear Lauren sing “Just as I Am”, or “Where no one Stands Alone”. What a powerful voice you have! I’d sing back up to you any day…

  129. Jeremy Langley says:

    Without a doubt, I think “How Great Thou Art” is the best song that has ever been written. I would love to hear it done Talley style!

  130. Dj Lawley says:

    Hey Lauren!! I know this is way off topic but,Where did you buy your blue zip up dress you wore in Tulsa Oklahoma? I LOVE that dress but i could find it online anywere! Help me please (: loll

  131. jennifer says:

    i would love to here o what a city and i’m gonna make it

  132. Heather says:

    My sister and I used to do an awesome version of Were You There when we were younger. We changed up each and every verse to match the tone of the lyric. It was well received at the time. Love the idea!

    Heather :)

  133. Sherry says:

    Roger produced a project many years ago for my niece & she did the song “Without A Doubt” & “There’s Been A Change.” Is there any way that you could help me find the lyrics to these songs or the music?

    May God continue to bless your ministry.

  134. Michael Watkins says:


    A few years ago The Nelons came out with a powerful song entitled “I’ve Won.” It is not the one made famous by the McKamey’s but one that starts out with the words, “A loved one has just crossed the river, into eternity. I can hear their voices of victory, and it seems they’re calling to me…..:

    My wife Shirley and I sang it and everytime, we were asked to sing it a 2nd or a 3rd time. Not to be morbid, but at funerals, people would begin to praise the Lord when we sang this song. THe tract was a casette and just recently I broke the tape and scurried everywhere to get another one. It was no where to be found. Even the Nelons searched to find their track copy and could not find it. If you could ever find this song, it fits the Talley voices absolutely perfectly. I will never know why this song was not a Number 1 Hit. And if you find a track, I’ll buy one from you. Good Luck.


  135. suzette says:

    I been asking around from everyone about this song and no one knows if ididn’t have the album I’d think i was crazy. it goes “Night shall be no more in that land, sadness that day will cease, we shall inhabit that land forever in everlasting peace we’ll live in perfect peace” HELP!!!!!!

  136. sharon ann says:

    how great thou are
    battle hyme of the republic
    old rugged cross

  137. Julie says:

    The anchor holds

  138. Julie says:

    I know you will do a wonderful job with this song!!!!!

  139. Lois says:

    i am looking for a cd of roxanne thorne called faith becomes reality .produced by Roger Talley. i know that roxanne is no longer with us but at home with the LORD.the cd is called faith becomes reality and the song that i would like is”Serenaded By Angels” . My uncle in law was her cousin and they played that song at my aunts funnel. I would like to get a copy of the cd
    it was recorded at the Loft studio , Boone n.c. and Southern Sound , Knoxville tn.
    Could you please let me know one way or the other if you can help me . as i would like it played at my funnel . thank you

  140. James Verner says:

    Hi, ONE of my favorites is “I love to tell the story,” sung by Tanya Goodman Sykes. Plus all the above-mentioned ones !! James

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