Pray for Jane Caldwell


My friend Jane Caldwell is going in for brain surgery at 12 noon today. Please keep her in your prayers.

UPDATE: The surgery lasted 3 1/2 hours. They successfully removed two tumors found on the frontal lobe; those were not embedded in the brain. They did find cancer cells in the ICU and will start treatment. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, and please continue to pray for her and the family.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    … in Jesus name.

  2. louise says:

    we will be praying.
    love you

  3. Jeffrey Weeks says:

    Will lift her name up in prayer.

  4. Gwen Warren-Barnes says:

    OK, Sweet Lady, Praying for your friend, her family, Dr’s and medical staff and you.

    Love you,


  5. Lisa Cacioppo says:

    Just prayed for your friend. God Bless her, and God Bless you.


  6. Mike Whitman (Spike) says:

    Debra, as the operation is in process, your friend Jane, the surgeons, and the attending nurses all have my prayers and so do you ~

    so many people, so many prayers, and just one unfailing God,,, awesome, isnt it!!

    Love, Spike

  7. Joyce Reid says:

    We are praying!

  8. RJ Henderson says:

    Her name will be mentioned to my Heavenly FATHER…

  9. Lynda Webster says:

    Believing for a complete healing and restoration for your friend.

  10. James Betts says:

    Do you know Jerry Talley from “Churchmen of Mississippi”? My dad J.B.Betts is in that old album in the back skinny guy. He has been in Evangelism since 1966 from Indianola,Ms. He’s my dad.

  11. louise says:

    I’m so glad things went good for her,I will keep her and her family in my prayers. please keep my brother joe also in your prayers.
    love you all

  12. Doris Bissell says:

    I am a new member here on the TalleyTrio website What an Awesome family I have been watching you on the Gaither Gospel Friends DVDS I also just love the Gaithers, Easters, Hoppers, Cynthia Clawson, Mark Lowry, & others so very much! I will also be Praying for your friend & your in-laws Debra.

    Yesterday, Sept 9th would of been my youngest sister Sharon’s 62nd Birthday She died June 26th this year from a year long battle of Pancreatic Cancer leaving one son Reed & a 4 yr old Granddaughter Journey Marie; I also lost my precious husband Ben Bissell Sr in Feb 2007 after 7 yrs battling terminal cancer He was only 64 when he went home to Heaven & We were married a bit over 37 yrs He was the Most Awesome Husband! Love in Christ Always; Doris Bissell of Virginia

  13. Jess Walker says:


    I know this is off topic, but is there going to be another Talley meet and greet this year at the NQC?


  14. louise says:

    my brother joe is now in heaven with Jesus!

  15. Lisa Cacioppo says:

    Louise, I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and your family.


  16. louise says:

    Thank you so much Lisa.he was a great big brother,but he was a great Daddy he had 6 daughters all grown and familys of there own.but he was there rock! my heart goes out to his girls and our mom.
    again thank you so much

  17. Peridot says:

    Will you show any footage of your performances at NQC this week, especially of the songs from the new CD?

    • Daniel Mount says:

      We do plan to have some coverage from the week, including some videos; however, NQC doesn’t let us do anything from the main stage, because they want people subscribing to the webcast on their site.

  18. Jeff Wantz says:

    What a great time in Stewartstown, Pa this past Friday. Sam Kerfoot did a great job getting things together for this concert. Some of you know what the Talley’s are all about. I sure doesn’t take long to see who they are. Talking with Debra and Lauren felt like we were old friends catching up on things. It’s simple to them. God – Family – Music. This is why they are who the are. Roger,Debra,Lauren and Jim have left a wonderful and permanant mark in the hearts of BCQ. Thanks for letting me share this with you. Keep this family in your prayers folks.

    • Sam Kerfoot says:

      Hey Jeff! A BIG BIG thank you to the Bay City Quartet and the Talley Trio. You both are always such a pleasure to work with. It always makes for a great evening when have two terrific groups of people who have their hearts and motives in the right place. It definately shines through on the stage. To those of you who did not attend you missed out!

      P.S. Thanks for the last minute help with the emceeing Jeff. You’re a real trooper! :)

  19. Luvone says:

    Hi Talleys, we’re trying to bring a group of young people from our church to your concert in Warren, MI. The problem is that we have to sing at an engagement for our church that same day in Detroit, which is not too far. What time do you guys think you’ll actually hit the stage. I know that another group will sing first but we want to be there in time for you! Please let me know. We’re trying to see if it’s feasible.

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