Press Release: Brian Alvey joins The Talleys


One of gospel music’s most beloved families, the Talley Trio, announces an exciting new chapter in their lives and ministry. Brian Alvey joins Roger, Debra and Lauren on stage in September 2011, making his debut at the Gatlinburg Gathering. Brian and Lauren were married in June 2011 and with this change the group will officially be known as The Talleys.

“Brian not only brings an impressive vocal ability to the group, but will add a new excitement to the stage with his proficiency on bass guitar, piano, electric and acoustic guitar and steel guitar. We look forward to showcasing his many talents on stage, but what we love most is his testimony, his heart for ministry and the impact he will have on listeners,” says Roger Talley.

Brian is an Indiana native and was raised in a pastor’s home. He has previously played piano and sung with Southern Sound, Beyond the Ashes and Tribute Quartet. Brian co-wrote Tribute’s first top 10 single, “That’s Why I Love Him So,” and was a 2009 Top 10 nominee for Horizon Individual of the Year.

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  1. Andrew S. says:

    I’m looking forward to the new sound! I appreciate seeing a completely family group add a member and still remain all-family. :)

    Definitely looking forward to seeing the group on the NQC webcast, too. :)

  2. Clark Alexander Shattuck says:

    All the best. Looking great. Can’t wait to hear it.

  3. GLENDA GRANT says:

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing “The Talleys” this weekend at Gatlinburg Gathering! May the Lord bless your ministry!

  4. Elaine Harcourt says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Brian will be joining you. I was afraid that he would take Lauren away from The Talleys into a separate ministry. Now, this brings him into an established ministry! Anxious to hear the new lineup.

  5. bonnie taylor says:

    great news, can’t wait to hear all those talents.

  6. i am so so excited for this new change from always been know as the talley trio now are going to be called the talleys and i can not wait to have the talley’s here In Beautiful Fergus Falls,MN.


  7. Michael Whitman (Spike) says:

    good old-fashioned common sense always told me that it was impossible to make the ‘best’, “better”! but common sense doesnt hold a candle to what God does and directs ~ He has opened a new avenue for the Talleys to reach even more people, more effectively. so how do you make the best, “better” ??

    i guess we are gonna find out, arent we, Talley fans ~ i, for one, cant wait to see what God has cookin’ this time!!

    and you can bet,,, Roger and co. have the pot stewin’, with a great big spoon !!

  8. louise thompson says:

    I can’t waite to hear ya’ll I know the Lord will keep on blessing!

    p.s do ya’ll like pineapple cake?

  9. Marcy says:

    Congratulations to all parties involved. May this Joining together be a start for many years to come. Congratulations to Brian for joining one of the best groups you could find anywhere. You’re on top now.
    Love ya’ll and wish you good heath and blessings on your ministry.

  10. Lisa Cacioppo says:

    Hey! This just seems like a perfectly natural progression for you guys. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Brian perform when he was with Tribute Quartet, and he does have a beautiful voice. I betcha he fits in just fine with the Talleys. Can’t wait to get to see the new version of our Talleys in concert! I pray for the safety of the Talley’s out there on the road trying to reach people (like me!) Take care, Love Y’all.


  11. roger talley says:

    Hey guys and gals

    Thanks for the comments. By the way, Brians last name is Alvey, not Talley :).

    Louise, we LOVE pineappale, especially in a cake! Haha. At least your favorite singer does”.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  12. Melanie Smith says:

    I look forward to hearing the group’s new sound–it’s always great!

  13. Jeff says:

    Will Jim still be traveling with you also, as the bus driver and audio person ?

  14. Larry & Sue Schneck says:

    Tell Brian we are so glad he is back on the road singing again. We can’t wait to see and hear your new sound with Brian Sunday in Plymouth IN. at the Blue Berry Festival. Larry & Sue Elkhart, IN.

  15. al bossler says:

    heard the group at boiling springs 7 14 2012 great sound look for you to win the dove awards
    cant wait to see you all again

  16. virgil kane says:

    we love ya’lls music. seen you off and on for years. we want to start a trio wit Danette-me and scott frost(piano) -his brother first played keys for grand funk railroad and now has been with Bob Seger for many years. any advice for us?

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