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The Talleys Honored With 5 Singing News Fan Award Nominations

We are headed to Myrtle Beach for Singing in the Sun, and as we drive, we're listening to a few new songs we're considering for a new recording. We have found a few that we really like, but the final list isn't complete just yet. Pray for us as we seek to find just the right songs that will speak to us and you!

We are honored to receive five Singing News Fan Award nominations!

Favorite Trio
Favorite Song- "Hidden Heroes"
Favorite Female Vocalist- Lauren
Favorite Soprano- Lauren
Favorite Alto- Debra

To cast your vote, visit and show your support for the Talleys!

We also received a nomination for Song of the Year for "Hidden Heroes" from the AGM Ovation Awards! Our good friends, Tribute Quartet, took home the trophy for Album of the Year for "Journey of Hope," produced by none other than- you guessed it- Roger Talley! Thank you for all of your love and support.

Debra's father, David Spraggs, has been in the hospital the last few weeks recovering from blood clots which caused him to lose consciousness for a period of time. He is 88 years old and is still physically weak, but is working hard in therapy to get strong enough to go home. Debra was able to go to Kentucky to see her parents over Easter weekend and reported that he is now able to fuss with the doctors and nurses, so things are looking up. :) Not long ago after a concert in Virginia, I was standing at the product table talking to folks as they came out to the lobby, and a young girl walked up and handed me a note. She smiled shyly and I said, "What's your name?" "Gracie," came the soft reply. "How old are you?" I asked. She said, "13." "Well, Gracie, I'm sure glad you came tonight," I said. "I am too," she replied. Gracie then turned and walked out the door.

As she left the church, I unfolded her note, and this is what it said:

Before I came here tonight, I was seriously considering suicide. But tonight, God changed my life. Just wanted to say thank you for the message.

Love, Gracie

The Talleys didn't change Gracie's life, but we sing to people like her every night who are just about to give up hope. We do what we do because we serve a God who is still taking broken lives and putting them back together, and fixing and redeeming them.

And it's not too late for you.