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The Adventures Of Life On The Road Helps Keep Life In Perspective

Many people often ask what we do when we get home from the road. The standard answer is get ready to leave again. That's the short answer because paying bills, cleaning, office work, and doing laundry don't seem very interesting. We all do that. However, as I write this, there's been a winter storm, Octavia, that's been visiting all week. Snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures have keep me inside so I could really have some fun. Taxes!! Now that's a good time. NOT!

Since I've been inside, only venturing out to knock the snow off the satelitte dish, I've been seeing on the news many who have been buried in snowfall for weeks. My situation is inconvenient, their's life threatening, in many cases. I've found myself being a little more grateful and praying for those less fortunate. I've praised God for running water, a warm house, plenty of food, and yes, even taxes. Maybe that last one is cabin fever, but I'm thankful none the less.

Just a week and a half ago, we were on a huge ship in the Mexican Caribbean with about eight hundred gospel music lovers, not even worried or aware of what the next few days would hold. We had a great time and we want to thank all our friends that went with us. I remember being in our cabin and being so thankful for such a privilege. When we got back to Florida, we headed to our date in Pace, Fl with Tribute QT, the Good News-He's Alive tour. Stopping to have lugs on a wheel checked, one of the bus airbags exploded. We were not going anywhere.

God always has our steps ordered and He provided. Roger called Gary Casto of Tribute. They had been on the cruise with us and they came and picked us up in their already crowded bus. We made the date in Pace and had a wonderful evening! Those guys are so gracious, caring, and accommodating. We love you guys! Thanks again.

We still had two dates in Alabama to round out the weekend. Jared Meyers, our sound tech, called his dad and mom, John and Claudia Meyers, who were also on the cruise. They went home to Mississippi, got their motorhome, and came back to Pace Fl to bring us transportation for the weekend. What a blessing John and Claudia are to the Talleys! I had to thank God for such great friends.

We finally made it home. Lauren and I were both under the weather for a few days, and Roger had to fly to Florida to get the bus. Our good friend Keena Cowsert, picked him up and drove him about ninety miles to the bus. Again, I had to say, "thank you Lord" for the days off to recover and friends who put their schedules on hold to help. Keena, you're the best! And now I'm back to the beginning of this post, sitting here listening to the wind whip the ice laden trees. But I'm thankful.

We'll get ready to leave tomorrow and head to the North and ride into the Siberian Express! (Somebody did not think that one through! :) I'll still be thankful. Thankful that we can still spread the Good News. Thankful that we can encourage the Church. And thankful that God is still in control.

Keep all the gospel groups in your prayers as they travel.