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Thank You From Debra

I want to thank everyone that sent condolences, flowers, cards, and prayers in remembrance of my father. Your concern and kindness was appreciated by my entire family.

THE GPS FOR LIFE One of my favorite things things to do, when we're on the road, is to get up early, make a cup of coffee, read my Bible, and just have time with the Lord. If it's a Sunday morning and we aren't singing until that night, I watch several of our pastor/ friends on tv and just have my own church. My day is always better when I don't neglect His Word. Psalm 119:105 says " Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path". In this day, we have come to depend on our GPS, but even a GPS will lead you down the wrong road!

One night after leaving a church, our GPS took us in the wrong direction. What should have been the shortest route to the interstate, took us on roads that weren't so bad, just not the best route. The GPS even had us make a turn that would cross a railroad track we couldn't get over without getting stuck. Lauren and Roger had to get out and stop traffic so Jared could back up! What should have taken just a short while, took us almost an hour!

A GPS is not a" lamp for our feet nor a light for our path". It has a screen that is lit showing us a virtual (fake) road. It only responds when we type in information. When it works correctly, it's a great tool. The problem is we tend to follow it even when we know it's not right!

The GPS is not infallible, but the Word of God is! It will never lead you down a wrong road. Your path will be straight and well lit! The twists and turns of life won't lead you down the wrong road, if you stay in the Light of His Word. God wants to meet with you, talk to you, and give you encouragement and instruction for the day. When we neglect our time with him, it's like following a GPS leading us down a wrong road.

So I ask you, " How's your day going"? Did you get your directions this morning? If not, He's always available to show you the path.