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'Tis The Season

It's that time of year again! You know, the time we look forward to, but then we breathe a sigh of relief when it's over. Gifts, parties, decorations, shopping, trees, plays, nativity scenes, mall Santas, and on and on. I, too, look forward to it and find myself getting caught up in the excitement of the season. I used to love going to the mall to do my gift shopping. Now I'm excited to get a cup of coffee or tea and sit in my chair with my computer and shop away! I can bake at the same time. No hunting parking places and no lines. It's wonderful!

I did have to stand in one line, though. I was third in line at the post office window one day. The elderly lady at the window mailing a package looked a bit tattered and worn out. She had a choice of mailing the package for $3.12 or getting it there on time for Christmas for $32 and change. The lady in front of me chuckled and so did I. You've got to be kidding! The poor little lady chose the less expensive route, but when she opened her wallet, she didn't have enough to cover even that much. I was ready to give the difference, but I realize I had not brought my wallet, since I was only picking up. I was mentally kicking myself when the lady in front of me motioned to the clerk that she would take care of it. The clerk told her that there was a lady giving her a present of the postage. She didn't know which of the three standing in line had done the good deed. She turned and thanked all of us and wished us Merry Christmas. It made me smile and the Spirit of Christmas filled my heart. But wait, I hadn't done a thing. I was just observing someone being kind to someone in need. It was not my turn for that particular blessing. Funny though, blessings tend to rub off on you. It makes you want to look for another opportunity to be a blessing. Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Isn't that the reason He came? To give Himself for us. The greatest Gift of all! His spirit in us spilling out and blessing others. I plan to look for ways to bless others. How about you?

Merry Christmas and many blessings for the New Year.

The Talleys